The AI Laments

Limited artist edition dropping
06. 03. 2024

Discover the intersection of art and technology in "AI Laments," a visually stunning coffee table book that explores the nuances of Artificial Intelligence through the lens of human poetry.

Intriguing Insight

The AI Laments is a thought-provoking collection that marries the allure of AI-generated art with the depths of human-generated poetry. Delve into a world where technology meets creativity and explore the profound questions that AI poses about our humanity.

Why this Book Resonates with the World Today

Written aby celebrated AI technologist Dr. Radhika Dirks, dive into uncharted waters where artificial intelligence  blends with human philosophy.

Meet the Author

Acclaimed as one of the foremost figures shaping AI, Dr. Radhika Dirks has been a crucial voice in technology for years. Radhika was named in Forbes magazine’s list of “Women in AI to Watch” and has been featured in media from Fast Company to the BBC. She founded and led XLabs, the only other moonshot factory outside of Google.

Radhika has spent more than a decade in Silicon Valley building three ambitious AI companies, including Ribo, which developed potential 40 new cancer drugs for 11 kinds of cancer, all using AI. She holds a Ph.D. in Quantum Computing and is inspired by the allure of the impossible to build new technologies to help humans.

Radhika is a global AI advisor, poet, and mom.

A Groundbreaking Collection of human poetry on AI and AI-synthesized art.

"The AI Laments" marks a unique crossing between machine learning, human sentiment, and artistic expression.

“AI has not just entered the zeitgeist; it has now exploded into it!.”

A riveting exploration of the unspoken feelings of the types of AIs we are not building today , truly groundbreaking.

Dr. Radhika Dirks’ work is a symphony of unexpected enlightenment.

Join us on a journey into the depths of AI, where the lines between creator and creation blur, and our future unfolds."

This book is not just about the technology; it's about the questions it raises, the boundaries it pushes, and the future it is helping to sculpt. It's a conversation starter, a thought-provoker, and a testament to the collaborative dance between human ingenuity and machine intelligence.

50 Breathtaking AI Art

63 Pages

1000+ Unchartered Conversations

12.5”x 9.5” Dimensions

Select Art Pieces

AI-Generated Art
AI-Crafted Poetry
Emotive Expressions
The Lamentations

There are few things in this universe that can help us understand our Selves.

Artificial Intelligence is one of them.

It is also one of the few things that can make us forget who we are meant to be.

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Dr. Radhika Dirks | Global AI Advisor

© 2024 Dr. Radhika Dirks. All rights reserved.

Dr. Radhika Dirks | Global AI Advisor

© 2024 Dr. Radhika Dirks. All rights reserved.

Dr. Radhika Dirks | Global AI Advisor

© 2024 Dr. Radhika Dirks. All rights reserved.